State Parks Are an Excellent Place to Relax and Enjoy Nature

State Parks are an excellent place to go on vacation. There are literally thousands of state parks in the United States. Many of these protected places are in the Michigan. Holland State park is one such place. It is a beautiful expanse of beach and sand. It is a stunning place to put on your flip flops or sandals and take a long, relaxing walk while enjoying the sunrise or sunset. In the winter, it is a fantastic place to visit for some cross country skiing, or ice fishing.

What is a state park? You ask, and how do they differ from their national counterparts? According to the encyclopaedia a it is “an area of land preserved on account of its natural beauty, historic interest, recreation, or other reason, and under the administration of the government of a U.S. state. Mexico and Australia have the same designations. They are very similar to national parks, but under state not federal regulation. Usually, they are smaller than national ones, with a few exceptions such as the Adirondack Park in New York.

In America, state parks have an older history than national ones. In 1864, when the federal government saw the need to protect the Yosemite Valley, President Abraham Lincoln ceded the land to California as a state park. The reason behind this was that, at the time, preservation of land for the public was seen as a proper role for the states rather than the federal government. Later the state park was incorporated into Yosemite National Park. It is believed that the oldest state park is Georgia’s Indian Springs State Park.

Holland Park is the perfect definition of a government protected park. It offers an expansive, sandy beach along Lake Michigan, two large campgrounds and a beautiful, beautiful view. The land is divided into two separate units; one along Lake Michigan and the other along Lake Macatawa. The green space was acquired from the City of Holland in December 1926. Since then it has been intensively used for its great beach and excellent campgrounds.

We recently had a very nice visit to Holland State Park in Holland Michigan. We rented a house as close to the lake as possible. We spent our time swimming, hiking, boating and fishing. From the look of things, we could have hiked all the way up the left side of Michigan until we would pass Traverse City and go on to Mackinaw City and not come to the end of the beach. Or maybe head south until we hit Chicago. The beach at Holland State Park in Michigan must be reached by hiking for one mile along a sandy path through the woods. This beach normally has a very small number of swimmers and sunbathers and can often be found empty. August is the best time to visit this beach so that the water has time to warm up. At night we would watch the sun set make a fresh fish dinner and end with a night cap while playing cards.

Each beautiful, green expanse of land and water offers its visitors different ways to enjoy nature. With almost 3,675 state parks in the United States, there truly is something for everyone!


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