Hiking the Overland Track Tasmania

The Overland Track runs for 65 kilometres from Cradle Mountain through the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area to Lake St. Claire. Hiking the Overland track is quite spectacular with a variety of different areas ranging from rainforest to moors with mountains, lakes and waterfalls to see. The Overland track is classed as a moderate walk and there are numerous side trips that can be done. On these side trips you can either leave your pack at the huts if the side trip is nearby or leave the packs on some of the timber platforms that have been specially built and do the side-trips with just a day pack These side-trips provide some spectacular scenery and it is highly recommended that you plan to do as many as possible. Hiking the Overland Track takes four days but another four days can easily be used up on the side-trips. As the track is growing more popular every year a booking and fee system is in place. During the summer months the Overland track must be walked from north to south.

December to March is about the best time to do the walk but at all times you must be prepared for bad weather conditions. Rain and low cloud with overnight temperatures below zero are not uncommon. It is best to prepare for winter blizzard conditions at all times for the sake of safety. Although the track is well marked and there are park rangers and huts to shelter in you must be prepared for the poor weather conditions just in case you have to spend the night outside due to injury or getting lost

The Overland Track is becoming increasingly popular as each year goes by. It is certainly on the list of the worlds best walks and attracts numerous hikers from all around the world.


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