Paros Beaches – Enjoy the Golden Sand and the Strong Winds

The beautiful and friendly island of Paros Greece belongs to the Cycladic group of islands and is located almost in the centre of the Aegean Sea. Over the last years, Paros has developed a lot its tourism facilities and today attracts millions of tourists every summer. The picturesque architecture and the golden sandy beaches, ideal for windsurfing, are the main features of this island.

Paros beaches are very clean and fully equipped with tourist facilities. Some have been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanness of their water. The golden sandy beaches with pristine blue waters against the backdrop of a mountainous region at a distance give moments of unique serenity.

The most famous beach of Paros island is Golden beach, on the south eastern side. This beach took is name from its golden sand and is famous for its windsurfing conditions. In fact, strong winds blow there mostly in the afternoon and make this beach very popular among windsurfers and kite surfers. Every August, the Professional Windsurfing World Cup is organized on Golden beach, attracting many athletes and visitors. The New Golden Beach is found in a close distance, much smaller than the original and much quieter.

Another famous beach of Paros is Parasporos, a large coast with emerald waters. Parasporos is organized with wooden umbrellas and sun beds for visitors. The beach bars that work there serve light snacks and drinks for the hot summer days. Many of these beach bars stay open till the early hours, organizing beach parties after the sunset.

If you like Parasporos, then you will love Pounda beach. It is found on the western side of Paros and although it is in distance from the other popular beaches of the island, it is close to Parikia, the capital town. Pounda reminds a bit Super Paradise beach on Mykonos: crystal water, sandy coast, beach bars with loud music, many water sports clubs and hotels around it. Pounda gets very crowded in summer and is popular especially among young people.

Apart from these crowded beaches, Paros also has numerous calm coves to relax and avoid noise. Agia Irini and Marcello beaches are some, while you will discover many more if you drive around the island. Driving is probably the best way to see every corner and enjoy each unique beauty of Paros island.


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