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Kruger National Park, South Africa – What to Expect

June 5, 2009

If you want to see a lot of wild animals in their natural habitat and have an awesome experience, go to Africa’s Kruger National Park. Expect to stay at least two days since it is the largest game reserve in South Africa, covering 7,332 square miles. You most likely will be staying in Johannesburg before […]

Understanding Night Vision Generations

May 27, 2009

If you spent any time researching night vision devices, you have probably noticed that prices seem to be all over the board. One unit can cost several thousand dollars while a unit that appears to be similar in size and magnification costs a couple of hundred dollars. It can become very confusing as to why […]

The BEST First Ride to Montana

May 20, 2009

Day 3 of our ride to Montana started early. I couldn’t wait to be up-and-about to check out ‘Big Sky Country’. An I’ll tell you, ‘Big Sky’ is exactly right. I felt like I was spared from falling into the wide open blue by some magical glue that kept me anchored to earth. I expected […]

Wildlife Spots in Lucknow

May 13, 2009

Lucknow is the capital city in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the Minority Concentrated Districts and the most populous state. The place is metaphorically called the Constantinople of India, being 497 km away from New Delhi. Lucknow is a vibrant city that promises interesting features of wildlife such as the hog deer, rhino, swamp […]

Paros Beaches – Enjoy the Golden Sand and the Strong Winds

May 4, 2009

The beautiful and friendly island of Paros Greece belongs to the Cycladic group of islands and is located almost in the centre of the Aegean Sea. Over the last years, Paros has developed a lot its tourism facilities and today attracts millions of tourists every summer. The picturesque architecture and the golden sandy beaches, ideal […]

Joe Pool Lake, Texas

April 27, 2009

Joe Pool Lake is a U.S. Corp of Engineer’s lake that is located just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it first opened in 1989, the lake has been a popular destination for anyone interested in boating, fishing, hiking, camping or wildlife watching. Here are some of the highlights of what is available for […]

Survival Kits Needed When Vacationing Outdoors

April 21, 2009

Exploring the woods, mountains, hiking trails, and other fun camping sites has been a beloved outdoor activity for ages now. There are so many ways to fully maximize nature that it would be impossible to enumerate in one article. But one thing that’s a must to have make this an excellent experience is to have […]

Hiking the Kokoda Track

April 13, 2009

The Kokoda track runs from Owers corner about 50 kilometres from Port Moresby for 96 kilometres over the Owen Stanley ranges to Kokoda village. Hiking the Kokoda track takes you through a variety of environments ranging from low lying swamp to dense rainforest. There is also a lot of history from the second world war […]

Hiking the Overland Track Tasmania

April 3, 2009

The Overland Track runs for 65 kilometres from Cradle Mountain through the Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area to Lake St. Claire. Hiking the Overland track is quite spectacular with a variety of different areas ranging from rainforest to moors with mountains, lakes and waterfalls to see. The Overland track is classed as a moderate walk […]

State Parks Are an Excellent Place to Relax and Enjoy Nature

March 29, 2009

State Parks are an excellent place to go on vacation. There are literally thousands of state parks in the United States. Many of these protected places are in the Michigan. Holland State park is one such place. It is a beautiful expanse of beach and sand. It is a stunning place to put on your […]